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    National Santri Day, Vice-Governor of Uu Encourages Umbrella Law on Islamic Boarding Schools


    CIREBON CITY - Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum officially opened the 2018 Tajug Festival, in Kasepuhan Square Cirebon, Saturday (10/20/18) afternoon. The festival is held to celebrate the national santri day which is set every October 22nd.

    Literally, tajug means religion, morality, and vertical relationship with Allah SWT. Therefore Vice-Governor Uu revealed, the Tajug Festival on the day of santri was a momentum to maximize the spread of Islam, so it was considered very important in the spread of religion.

    "This santri day is an Islamic activity, different from other days. Therefore this is very good for the development of religion," said Uu.

    Vice Governor Uu said, his party would continue to strive for more recognized pesantren. He wants to have a legal umbrella that guarantees the welfare of pesantren not only in West Java, but entire Indonesia.

    According to him, until now there are no provisions or regulations that provide certainty for pesantren to get a special budget, both for the field of community empowerment and education. In fact, said Uu, the pesantren provides gradual education services with a clear curriculum.

    "In the future, we hope there will be regulations that provide account codes and nomenclature that are the legal umbrella for pesantren," said Uu.

    "So, whoever the regional head will be, there still be funding for the sustainability of the pesantren, not only relying on grants and social assistance," he continued.

    Agreeing with Uu, Gusti Sultan Sepuh XIV Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon Prince Raja Adipati (PRA) Arief Natadiningrat said the day of the santri should be interpreted as the momentum of the santri to restore national identity, and restore the traditional tradition that santri love peace and love kindness. Especially in an era full of hoaxes and utterances of hate like today.

    He hopes the santri day is not only ccelebrate by active santri, but also the entire society, because for him the philosophy of santri is learning, which will continue to be carried out throughout life.

    "In the present era, it is certainly full of hoaxes, hatred, we must avoid even our opponents, because Indonesia is built with peace, with love, tolerance, mutual respect," said PRA Arief.

    "The philosophy of santri is learning. As long as we live continuously learning. We continue to be students," he said.

    The festival begins with cleaning the mosque in 10 large mosques in the city of Cirebon, on October, 15-19, 2018 yesterday. Followed by ancient praises competition, Tahfiz Qur'an Juz 30 competition, and Adzan Pitu competition. While at the peak of the celebration on the 22nd of October, a thanksgiving was planned to be attended by the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

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