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    Sundanese Language and Literature Events Break the MURI Record


    BANDUNG - Welcoming the Language Month which is celebrated every October 28, the Indigenous Culture Society (SABUMI) holds a Sundanese Language and Literature event, on the Front of the Gedung Sate Bandung, Saturday (10/20/18).

    In this event a Sundanese poetry or poetry writing contest was held. Unmitigated, participants who took part in the competition reached 2,335 people, both from high school students and students from West Java. This number broke the MURI record as a Sundanese poetry writing competition with the most participants. Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, received the award for the MURI record-breaking.

    Vice Governor Uu admitted that he was very welcomed in organizing this event. According to him, this event can increase the interest of the community, especially the younger generation, towards the use of Sundanese language. Today, he said, there are not many young West Java masters who don't even understand Sundanese, because they are used to using Indonesian.

    "Yes, it's not wrong that Indonesian is used every day, because it's an official language, the language of unity. But, please the Sundanese people don't leave your own language, "Uu said after the event, at Gedung Sate, Sunday (10/20/18)." Therefore, at this event I was very supportive, "he continued.

    Uu added, his party initiated the Sundanese Cultural Pasanggiri. The plan, these activities will compete in various regional arts and cultures typical of West Java, including culinary, fashion and other arts. Uu wants this activity to be followed by the younger generation, as a form of interest and cultural preservation.

    "In the future we will hold Pasanggiri Sundanese Culture activities, including food, clothing, art, we compete here," Uu said enthusiastically.

    "I hope that the participants in this competition are young people, not parents. The aim is to foster a sense of love and love for local culture and art," he continued.

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