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    Review of Palu Earthquake, Vice-Governor of Uu Gives Humanitarian Aid


    PALU-Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum handed over humanitarian assistance to victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in a number of areas in Central Sulawesi Province. The assistance worth Rp 2 billion was handed over by Vice-Governor Uu directly to the Central Sulawesi Regional Secretary, Muhammad Hidayat at the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government's office, Sam Ratulangi No 101 Palu, Friday (10/18/18).

    The assistance, said Uu, is a form of concern for the people of West Java. Although the value is not comparable to the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami on September 28, Uu hopes to ease the burden on the community and local government.

    "This (assistance) is nothing compared to disaster and the need to build, but this is our concern and friendship among the people of West Java," Uu told the Central Sulawesi Secretary.

    In addition to financial assistance, the West Java Provincial Government has also sent volunteers to help post-disaster management since 4 October. The volunteers will be seconded until the emergency response is revoked by the central government on October 26, 2018.

    Related to the victims of West Java residents, Uu said, now the search is still being pursued. Previously, hundreds of West Java residents were repatriated to their respective regions.

    "For victims from West Java, it is being pursued continuously and we will continue to pay attention, precisely by coming here, among others, for that," he said.

    After the handover of assistance, Vice-Governor Uu accompanied by Regional Disaster Management Agency of West Java had the opportunity to visit a number of locations affected by the most severe disaster. Among them to Balaroa, yellow bridge, floating mosque, Petobu, to monitor the West Java Tagana post.

    "This is all the power of Allah, on the one hand there is sea water to land again with material and human beings, there is collapsed land, then there is land going up, extraordinary, we must take lessons and wisdom," said Uu.

    Meanwhile, on behalf of the provincial government and the community, the Secretary of Central Sulawesi, Muhammad Hidayat, expressed his gratitude to the people of West Java.

    "If Mr. Vice-Governor Uu said this assistance is not exactly for us, it is very large and certainly very helpful for the citizens. Thanks to the parties from West Java who have helped, hopefully all the goodness of Allah will be repaid with kindness," said Hidayat.

    In addition, according to him, the arrival of the West Java Provincial Government provides entertainment and motivational injections for the people of Central Sulawesi to rise after the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

    "The arrival of the Vice-Governor and his entourage provided entertainment for us and the public knew anyone who came here," he said.

    Secretary explained, the assistance will be focused on emergency response needs and advanced needs. That is the construction of Temporary Shelter (Huntara) for people whose homes are severely damaged.

    "We use this assistance clearly for emergency response purposes, we have talked about what is a basic need such as temporary housing," he explained.

    He said, temporary housing currently requires 1200 buildings whose construction contains five people.

    "Temporary housing needs for 1200 rooms which are expected to accommodate one room are multiplied by five people because one family has an average of five people," said the Secretary.

    The construction of the shelter will be distributed in three regions, are Palu City, Donggala and Sigi Regencies. The processing time is targeted to be completed within one month.

    "We, together with donors, will build a shelter to prepare for permanent housing. When the construction has begun, the target will be completed in one month," he explained.

    Victim updates to date, as many as 2105 people have died whose bodies have been taken by families or buried in mass.

    "We have not found a prediction in 1000 numbers," he explained.

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