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    Iwa Conveys West Java Infrastructure Development at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, received a Visit from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Delegation in the Papandayan Meeting Room of the Gedung Sate Office, Thursday (10/18/18). This meeting was a follow-up to the previous meeting with the Governor of West Java on September 21st, 2018 .

    At this meeting Sekda Iwa conveyed several matters related to the provincial economic governance. First, explain how the provincial government manages governance in West Java with a limited budget, but West Java's economic growth is now the first quarter is above 6 percent.

    Then the second is about the management of APBD (Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget). In this regard, Iwa directed four things, such as how to increase the education budget with its governance, how to increase the health budget with its governance, infrastructure and people's purchasing power.

    "With a combination of existing policies and infrastructure, West Java maintains economic growth above 5 percent," he said.

    According to him based on data from BPS, if the APBD and State Expenditure Budget (APBN) were disbursed to West Java in the form of government expenditure, it would contribute to increasing economic growth. This will reduce poverty, unemployment and reduce social inequality by 9 percent. So 90 percent absolutely must be from private factors, both domestic and foreign sectors including public consumption.

    "On this basis ADB can enter for how we encourage (development) on infrastructure, and we also inform some infrastructure projects, as well as explained by the BIJB President Director and Director of BJB  related to their finances," said Iwa.

    Iwa explained, his party also informed that there were 16 toll roads, BIJB Kertajati and Patimban Port which had an impact on people's welfare. In addition, the central programs conveyed how to maintain food security, built 6 reservoirs so that West Java will get clean water and how to increase the coverage of clean water services to SPAM investments (Drinking Water Supply System).

    "And this is what we conveyed to ADB, Alhamdulillah got a response. "For the next follow-up, we have appointed its license officer from the West Java Provincial Government through the Cooperation Bureau and Government Advisor," Iwa said.

    After discussing at the meeting, Iwa said ADB was interested in BIJB, Bandung Raya SPAM and LRT. So that the next plan of the West Java Provincial Government will come to its Brand Office in Jakarta to confirm its seriousness.

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