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    Working Visit of Governor, Indonesian Embassy in Russia West Java Meet Festival Indonesia 2019


    MOSCOW - The West Java Provincial Government welcomes the Indonesian Embassy's offer to Russia to participate in the Indonesian Festival in Moscow, Russia, in 2019, and plans to send West Java Small Medium Enterprises (UKM).

    This offer was expressed directly by the Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Belarus M Wahid Supriyadi at a meeting of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil with the Indonesian Embassy, Diaspora and Indonesian Student Association (PPI) in Moscow at the Ambassador's House, Moscow, Russia, Tuesday (10/16/18) local time, in order work visit.

    On that occasion, Emil, nicknamed Ridwan Kamil, conveyed some best practices in West Java including the vision and mission of the Governor and Vice Governor in the future to form West Java Digital Province.

    "I am, as governor, will try to apply justice that is evenly distributed to all city Regency in West Java, for example, the necessity to have a square as a place to gather, socialize and interact between communities so that the happiness index can increase throughout West Java," he said.

    "In addition, in order to reduce the number of corruption in the region, I will also implement e-budgeting to all city districts in West Java as an effort to budget transparency and form government accountability to the community," Emil added.

    then Emil took an example of his experience leading of Bandung city, "For example, the city of Bandung after implementing e-budgeting can save a budget of up to Rp 1 T, because programs that are not relevant and inefficient can be eliminated by the application," he explained.

    The Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Belarus M Wahid Supriyadi said that the Russian-Indonesian relations were increasingly harmonious. This is also in line with the number of Russian tourists to Indonesia which is increasing every year. "This era is the second Golden Era of Indonesia Russia Relations, in which the relations between the two countries become harmonious and synergistic," he said.

    For that, according to him, this is the right moment to introduce potential areas, especially West Java.

    "Russian tourists to Indonesia are increasing every year, we really hope they will also visit West Java next," Wahid said.

    In line with this, Emil welcoming by saying that he would send angklung to the Indonesian Embassy for Russia. "I will send angklung, a typical West Javanese musical instrument to the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow to provide cultural education for the people here," he said enthusiastically to the audience.

    Student Scholarship from West Java

    On the same occasion, Emil held a dialogue with the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Russia and captured the aspirations presented. Among them is the submission of a top-up scholarship as the Provincial Government of East Kalimantan has done.

    Responding to this, Emil promised to study the financing rules and would soon realize the top up for scholarship recipients from the Russian Government, while the student data would soon be prepared by the Indonesian Embassy.

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