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    DKM Administrators Must Support West Java in Inner Birth Champion


    BANDUNG-A number of the board of the Mosque's Family Council or DKM Mosque of the Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai) of West Java and the DKM of the Great Mosque of West Java and the DKM of the Al Jabar Plumbon Mosque in Cirebon, today Tuesday (10/16) located in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, inaugurated Deputy Governor West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    In his remarks before the management of the DKM owned by the West Java Provincial Government, the Deputy Governor asked all new DKM administrators to directly inventory existing facilities and infrastructure and record assets owned.

    "Judging which assets are recorded in reality, then see the shortcomings and what needs to be improved so that the worshipers who attend can be in a calm state and also comfortable to worship," he said.

    The Deputy Governor hopes that the mosque is not only used as a Mahdoh worship but Ghoirrmahdoh also must be lively. In social terms, the community must also be able to be carried out in the mosque and must also be seen also warning the Islamic holidays of the mosque.

    "The commemoration of Islamic holidays must show that this is a mosque where the religion of God is broadcast," the Deputy Governor said, in the West Hall, Tuesday (10/16).

    The Deputy Governor also expects the DKM officials to jointly raise up the community, namely the champion in his inner field and the champion of his faith which is shown by the morality and morals of the people of West Java.

    "We together with the Governor and Regional Secretary try to become West Java, the birth champion, and the DKM officials together in raising the community, namely the inner champion," he said. (Parno)

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