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    West Java Vice Governor Ensures BJB Bank RUPS November 2018


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum confirmed his party would hold a general meeting of shareholders (RUPS) of the BJB Bank in November 2018.

    According to him, this is important because the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java will inject capital into the state-owned bank.

    Uu explained, West Java Provincial Government as the majority shareholder must maintain its portion so that the district / city government will not be defeated in capital participation. This is also in accordance with the direction of Bank Indonesia regarding the portion of the majority shareholder.

    "BJB agreed to hold a RUPS in November," Uu told reporters Tuesday (10/16/2018).

    According to him, currently the Regency / city government continues to inject a budget for Bank BJB in order to increase the profits recorded as local revenue.

    "We are losing numbers if we do not deposit. Regencies / cities are busy depositing also into BJB, because they might want big profits," he said.

    Even so, Uu did not mention how much funds would be deposited by the West Java Provincial Government for Bank BJB in the second half of 2018. "I cannot mention. Later, the value is greater than now," he said.

    Furthermore, Uu added that the RUPS would be held after the evaluation of the Ministry of Interior related to the Amendment of the West Java Province 2018 Regional Government Budge (APBD). After being evaluated, it would wait for the approval of the West Java Regional House of Parlement (DPRD) to issue the relevant governor regulation. "The DPRD was agreed upon, only the Governor General Assembly, the new RUPS," he said.

    Previously, Uu mentioned that in this RUPS, a number of other matters would be discussed, such as the appointment mechanism for directors.

    He wants the culture of West Java and Banten to be more visible in the state-owned bank. "The West Javanese must be their soul, the veins in the management of this BJB. It does not mean that others cannot," he said.

    Even so, Uu ensured that he would submit the qualifications of the directors to the decision of the Financial Services Authority as the banking authority in the country. "Everything must be in accordance with the rules, such as passing the fit proper test in OJK," he added. jo

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