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    Iwa: Istisqo Prayer, Our Main Efforts


    BANDUNG - A prolonged dry season hit West Java and its surroundings. This low intensity of rain drives the West Java Provincial Government to hold istisqo prayers or ask for rain in Gasibu Field in Bandung, Tuesday (10/16/18) morning.

    The Head of West Java MUI Rachmat Syafe'i led the implementation of istisqo prayer in congregation. In his khutbah, Rachmat invited the community to increase Istigfar, make repentance, and make fun because according to him this drought is a warning to the people.

    "Let us give meaning in this act of worship by increasing istighfar, doing repentance, and piety. Perhaps there is no rain, the lack of Allah blessing is due to man's own actions," said Rachmat.

    "And on this occasion, let's make it an event to ask God for forgiveness, because this can be a warning for us," he added.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa revealed that during the dry season, his side often appealed to and even invited the Muslims to hold istisqo prayers, both at the Regency / City Government and at the Sub-district level so that the rainy season soon arrived and the drought did not continue.

    "I beg all the people of West Java, especially the Regent / Mayor, be it the Head of District, Head of Village or the Village Chief to do the same thing. Because this is important, it could be that this drought is our mistake," Iwa said.

    "So there are two endeavors, the first from the scientific field we have collaborated with BPPT to make artificial rain engineering and the main effort is what we are doing now, istisqo prayers. Thank God we are here sincerely to pray for all West Javanese citizens to get blessings from Allah. And MasyaAllah, last night in several regions it was raining, "he continued.

    As is known, at this time in West Java, especially in the Pantura region was hit by drought due to the dry season. The most affected by drought are in the Indramayu region.

    Based on a report from the Food Security Office, of the approximately 300,000ha of rice plants that exist, around 3,000ha were affected by drought.

    Iwa said some areas had taken action. "First is by pumping from the river drawn up to irrigation. The second step, the PSDA and its ranks will make the irrigation network, whether it is primary, secondary, or network irrigation, up to the village up to the rice fields. "he said.

    For a long-term step, it will encourage the construction of 6 reservoirs in West Java, which is a Central Government program that is fully supported by the West Java Provincial Government.

    "That is what will be done so that West Java continues to increase its food index and increase productivity, which in the end West Java remains a champion in terms of food security, especially rice," Iwa concluded.

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