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    Meet the Late. Haringga Sirla's Family, Emil Hand Over Netizen Assistance


    TANGERANG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil visited the family of the deceased (Late) Haringga Sirla. In the meeting which was also attended by his parents and brother, symbolically Emil also handed over assistance from netizens.

    The meeting took place at Hotel International Airport in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Area, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sedyatmo Km 02 street, Benda, Tangerang City, Banten Province, Monday night (10/15/18).

    Haringga is a victim of Bobotoh's gang beating that occurred ahead of the Persib counter Persija match on Sunday (23/9/18) then at the Blue Gate Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium in Bandung.

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, directly conveyed deep sorrow to the family for (Late) Haringga Sirla. The meeting was a form of attention and prayer, especially the deceased's family came from Indramayu, West Java.

    "Although there is no football administration relationship, in the name of humanity I want to give attention, special prayer. Moreover, he is also his village in Indramayu, West Java as well," Emil said.

    On this occasion, Emil handed over the help of netizens distributed through KitaBisa.com. Funding was collected in the amount of Rp. 114,443,365 from 1,533 donors from all over Indonesia and even abroad.

    "We entrust sincerity from friends of netizens through KitaBisa.com," said Emil.

    "Hopefully it is impossible to replace (the late Haringga who has passed away), but can ease and connect the relationship. Because of those sincere (netizen donors) there must be a prayer yes, I also pray," he added.

    KitaBisa.com CEO Al Fatih Timur said that it was only as a facilitator of fundraising initiated by Governor Emil some time ago. In just one week, funds were raised up to Rp. 114 million.

    "So, at that time the Governor immediately made it on KitaBisa and then it was entered into Instagram and it was really fast, there was Rp. 114 million for one week," explained Al Fatih.

    Al Fatih hopes, in accordance with the hopes and prayers of the donors, the events that happened to (Late) Haringga Sirla will not be repeated. Because this event is a human tragedy that happened to the nation's children.

    "Because this is a human tragedy, don't let it happen again," said Al Fatih.

    "Hopefully what the donor conveyed, although he could not replace the figure who had died, but could ease the burden," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, the mother of late. Haringga, Mirah admitted that Haringga is a good and obedient child. In the eyes of friends and neighbors, the deceased is also known as a polite child.

    "(Late) Haringga is a good child, doesn't drink coffee, doesn't smoke. No adventures. But why could this happen," said Mirah.

    The family hopes that the police can thoroughly investigate this case. In addition, events that happened to (Late) Haringga becomes a valuable lesson for us, so it will not befall other nation's children.

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