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    West Java Regional Secretary Requests 16 Kokab Immediately Submit RPJMD


    BOGOR REGENCY-Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa requested 16 Regency Cities whose regional heads have been installed simultaneously in the 2018 Regional Head Election (Pilkaa) results, immediately propose an initial draft of the Medium Term Regional Development Plan (RPJMD) to their respective DPRD.

    "We appeal to the Regional Secretary in the 16 regions that carried out yesterday the simultaneous elections in 2018 and are expected to do the same thing as the provinces to submit the initial draft RPJMD to their respective Regional People's Representative Assembly," Iwa said after the Regional Commissariat Meeting of the All-Indonesia Regional Secretary Forum (Forsesdasi) West Java, in Sentul Bogor Regency, Monday (10/15/18).

    The RPJMD was proposed was then consulted with the DPRD and then received an evaluation from the Ministry of Home Affairs before it was ratified. Submission of RPJMD is a maximum of 40 days after the regional head is appointed.

    "At the latest 40 days after being sworn in, that's the benchmark," he said.

    RPJMD 2018-2023 of the province of West Java itself, today has been submitted to the West Java DPRD's Consultative Body (Banmus). The preliminary draft of the RPJMD contained in it the implementation of the campaign's vision and mission of the elected regional head. Iwa targets the West Java RPJMD will be completed and approved by the end of this year.

    "Hopefully the West Java RPJMD will be completed in December 2018 by the beginning of 2019 our RPJMD will be valid," he said.

    Iwa explained, the vision of 'West Java is an Inner Born Champion with Innovation and Collaboration', one of their objectives is to strengthen collaboration between provinces and regency cities, including in terms of bureaucratic reform.

    Iwa said, there were four indicators in the bureaucratic reform. First, the financial statements of the regency city government in West Java must achieve Unqualified (WTP). Second, in terms of the Performance Accountability Report of Government Agencies (Lakip) must also get a value of A. Third, the Local Government Implementation Report (LPPD) must be very good in its category.

    "The fourth is improving public services and institutional arrangements, so citizens can feels the end is a decrease in poverty and unemployment and of course an increase in welfare," concluded Iwa.

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