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    Revitalization of the Kali Malang river Bekasi will begin early next year


    BEKASI CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil along with Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi held a meeting related to the arrangement or revitalization of Kalimalang Bekasi. Arrangement work will begin early next year.

    Emil,  Ridwan Kamil nickname said Bekasi City was chosen because it was considered the most ready to be changed and continued to show progress.

    "I chose Bekasi City because there is no other city in West Java has its waterfront potential as high as Bekasi. Because Kalimalang is a source of drinking water for DKI, so it's not a long time handling river," Emil said after meeting with the Mayor of Bekasi in XXI Club Mega Bekasi, General Ahmad Yani Street Bekasi city, Monday (10/15/18).

    "Kalimalang, then I am confident with Pak Wali in early 2019 we are constructing. Later the new year (2020) with the Mayor can be carried out there," he continued.

    The budget that will be given by the West Java Provincial Government is around Rp. 50 Billion for the Kalimalang arrangement. There are five zones to be revitalized.

    "The quota is Rp. 50 billion. Of the Rp. 50 billion it is sufficient, there are five zones. If that is enough, one zone is enough, if you have enough Rp. 50 billion, there are two zones. The rest may be the following years. will arrange, "explained Emil.

    Meanwhile, the Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi said for structuring priorities will be carried out in Kalimalang across from the Giant and Metropolitan Mall.

    "Earlier with the Governor (Ridwan Kamil) discussed the Kalimalang revitalization from the regency border to the DKI (Jakarta) border," Rahmat said.

    "The focus is in front of Giant and in front of Metropolitan Mall," he said.

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