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    Cadreization of the Younger Cooperative Generation, Emil Launching of High School / Vocational School Cooperatives


    BEKASI CITY-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil launched the Cooperative School program at Harris Convention Hall, West Bulevar Street, Summarecon Bekasi, Bekasi City, Monday (10/15/18). It is a form of cooperative regeneration for young people at the high school / vocational high school level in West Java.

    For this reason, Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, on this occasion invited the younger generation, especially high school / vocational high school students entire West Java to become members of cooperatives in their schools.

    "So, high school / vocational high school students not become members of cooperatives, because that is the first step towards economic success," Emil said after the launching event.

    Emil requested to West Java school students not only pursue numerical achievements. Many things or knowledge outside of school can be explored to improve one's abilities.

    "Now children don't just go to school, knowledge outside of school must also be obtained. There is leadership, there is digital science, there is also the science of cooperatives," Emil said.

    "If all the knowledge that is outside the school is found, they will be more successful, because they can be a leader, can be a strong businessman, etc.," he continued.

    Emil added the business that millennials can do today is the business system implemented by cooperatives. The cooperative is a joint or communal business group can provide welfare equally.

    "For cooperatives, all set up as members can get equitable prosperity. There is nothing special from a business institution except the name of a cooperative," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office Ahmad Hadadi revealed, under the aim of the School Cooperative program to further popularize cooperatives in schools in West Java.

    "The aim of the School Cooperative program is to socialize cooperatives in schools in West Java," said Ahmad Hadadi.

    This socialization began on November 6-15, 2018 in 60 schools in the Regional Education Offices Branch II and III. Consisting of 37 schools in the City of Bekasi, three schools in Bekasi Regency, 17 schools in Depok City, and three schools in the City of Bogor.

    This launching involves 2,000 participants or students and 1,808 teachers and principals. The School Cooperative Program targets 18,000 students from 60 schools of the Education Service Branch in Regions II and III.

    In general, in West Java alone there are 802 active state cooperatives and 16,343 cooperative units operating in various sectors.

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