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    Vice-Governor of Uu Opens The Association of Communication Scholars National Conference


    BANDUNG - The Association of Communication Scholars (ISKI) held a National Conference on Communication on Sustainability and Harmony in the Multicultural Society at the Hilton Bandung hotel, Monday (15/10). It was opened by the Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended by the Head of the ISKI Center, Dadang Rahmat and the Head of the West Java Communication and Information Service, Hening Widiatmoko.

    In his speech, Uu said all aspects of life have'nt been separated from communication activities. Successful communication will make life better, but it fails will make a loss.

    He took the example when he wanted to run for vice governor, there was nothing much to know about him. But with effective political communication, people finally get to know him and succeed.

    "A good leader is one can build successful communication with the citizens, where what is expected by them, can get to the leadership and vice versa," he said.

    Government programs can reach the community and good and effective communication is needed. So, the community knows the government program and is ready to provide its support.

    "Communication in government, in the family in worship, is all important. As great as any product, if the communication is not good, it will not sell, "he said.

    Meanwhile ISKI Chairman Dadang Rahmat said there were not a few social problems around us due to failed communications.

    "Maybe there is a communication problem that occurs, so it must be observed properly how to communicate. ISKI must be a part of good communication, not misunderstanding, then there is a social failure and the ends fail to be nation and state, "he said. Jo

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