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    The Vice Governor opened the Coordination Meeting of Apeksi Komwil III in Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA - A total of 25 delegates from all Indonesian City Government Association Members (Apeksi) Regional Commissariat III (komwil III), held a Coordination Meeting at the Grand Metro Hotel Tasikmalaya, Sunday (10/14/18).

    Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum officially opened while giving direction to the activities taking place October 13-15 2018.

    Vice Governor Uu revealed that Apeksi as a forum for city government friendship, he hopes to produce innovative policies in supporting prime public services.

    This Coordination Meeting is also required to be able to improve cooperation between cities that can sustain economic growth and community empowerment.

    "The coordination meeting discussed various problems faced by each city member of Apeksi Komwil III," said Vice Governor Uu.

    For this reason, the Vice Governor invites each city member of Apeksi to share experiences and programs that have been successfully applied, so that they become 'role models' or examples for other cities.

    Talking about the economy, Vice Governor Uu said, the sector that is and will continue to stretch its development is tourism. Where the capital is the identity and characteristics of each city itself.

    "Every city has a unique repertoire of unique potential, so an effort to 'branding' becomes a basic need so that the character of the city becomes a character," said Uu.

    As for nature conservation, continued Uu, it can still be a capital or potential that has selling power. So after branding, what is needed is to improve the pillars of environmental sustainability (environmental sustainability development). Besides introducing digital tourism potential, according to the demands of the present millennial era.

    Furthermore, Uu hopes that this Association meeting will become a place for sharing and discussion to present solutions for the welfare of the community, and increase competitiveness.

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