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    Emil Invites the Community to Istisqa Prayer


    CIMAHI-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil invites people to perform istisqa prayers or pray for rain. This as one of the efforts to reduce the impact of drought that hit almost evenly in all regions of West Java.

    The invitation was said by the Governor when carrying out the routine of the morning dawn prayer (Subling) in congregation which this time took place in the Misykatul Anwar mosque, Central Street of Cimahi City, Sunday (10/14/18).

    "If possible this week the ulama invite the community to perform istisqa prayers, that is the direction from me as Governor," said Ridwan Kamil.

    The plan of West Java Provincial Government together with the people in Bandung City and its surroundings will also hold istisqa prayers in the near future. Emil, his nickname, also hopes in other areas to do the same thing.

    In addition to the istisqa prayer method, other efforts were also carried out by the West Java Provincial Government to prevent the impact of drought more severely. The plan next week will be weather modification or artificial rain in three large reservoirs, namely Jatiluhur, Jatigede and Cirata. This weather modification will be done 20 times a week.

    "This artificial rain is at least 20 times a week, this is in collaboration with Technology Assessment and Application Agency (BPPT)," he said.

    According to his observations from the air, drought almost occurred in all regions.

    "I was riding a helicopter when I saw a dry river, dry rice fields with no activity and even the Jatiluhur reservoir had shrunk by more than 13 meters," said Emil.

    If that is left unchecked, Emil is worried that the electricity supply in Java and Bali will experience a decline.

    "If there is no effort and prayer, I am worried that someday the Java Bali electricity supply will be threatened," he said.

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