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    Encouraged by Citizens, Emil Reaches ITB-Ultra Marathon Finish


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil took part in the BNI-ITB Ultra Marathon 170K event by taking points at the last stage starting from Cibabat Cimahi to finishing on ITB Bandung campus for 10 km.

    The Marathon initiated by ITB alumni as a whole took the starting point in Jakarta to Bandung as far as 170 km within 3 days. Even though it only took 10 km, Governor Emil's power was admitted to be quite drained.

    Accompanied by his classmates at ITB, Emil ran through routes ranging from Cibabat, Gunung Batu, Pasteur and Taman Sari. He said, on the sidelines of his busy activities he often ran sports but had never reached a distance of 10 km.

    "All my ages have never run more than 5 km," he said on Sunday (10/14/18).

    When he stopped to drink and lowered the speed of his running, Emil admitted that he was encouraged by the people who saw him on the roadside. It became a whip of enthusiasm to keep running despite sweat pouring.

    "Because many residents cheered on the road and if I didn't finish, I felt ashamed as a Governor , I finally finished 10 km," said Emil.

    Arriving at the finish line Emil immediately medal and took a break. In the presence of ITB alumni who participated in the marathon, Emil said that this event must be held every year. He also left a message that ITB alumni could contribute to the progress of West Java.

    "Earlier, I sent a message to ITB alumni to contribute to the advancement of West Java through their knowledge, companies and others. Because they knew that ITB was in Bandung even now in Cirebon as evidence of support from the provincial government for human resource development in coastal areas. north, "he hoped.

    The head of the BNI ITB Ultra Marathon 170K committee, Gatot Sudaryono explained, the event was held to commemorate 100 years of the founding of ITB. As many as 140 teams participated in the event with a total of 2200 runners.

    "The participants are all 70-year-old graduates of ITB," he said.

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