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    Social Forest in West Java has reached 12,534 hectares


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- The realization of the Social Forest program in the West Java region has reached 12,534 hectares out of the total 180 thousand hectares targeted by the central government.

    Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya revealed, according to data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, of the total 12,534 hectares, 7167 hectares had already been used by the citizens and the remaining 5367 hectares had been prepared by the government.

    "Actually, for West Java (social forest) there are many, and according to the data there are already 7167 hectares, then there are currently 5367 hectares currently being prepared," She said at the Indonesian National Dialogue forwards in the Tasikmalaya City forest area, Urug Kawalu rest area, Saturday (13 / 10/18)

    The dialogue was also attended by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, Mayor of Tasikmalaya Budi Budiman and forestry and agricultural extension agents in the Tasikmalaya City and Regency.

    Minister Siti said, the social forest is a central government program government-owned forest can be managed by the citizens. It is targeted by the end of 2019, 4.3 million hectares can be realized.

    "Social forest is a government program, as a whole until 2019 our target of 4.3 million hectares has now been 2.1 million. While the total for Java is 200 thousand hectares in East Java, 180 thousand in West Java, 90 thousand in Central Java and 30 thousand in Banten, "She said.

    With that, citizens can use the land owned by Perhutani or HGU and not used for productive purposes. They can use the land for 35 years and can be extended to 35 years. "So a total of 70 years the citizens can borrow the land," said Siti.

    She added, if people want to develop social forests, they must have complete data first. Among them are land area, planning, member data and development concepts.

    "The data must be complete starting from the area that will be managed, the planning, the data of the members and others then proposed to us directly. For the West Java region, the Governor will see directly through the Forestry Service," explained Siti.

    Meanwhile, Governor of  West Java Ridwan Kamil asserted that, all Indonesians have the right to land to be managed through applicable regulations. "So don't just be a conglomerate, but all the people are entitled to land in Indonesia," he said.

    The governor said, the social forest is a program from President Joko Widodo basically a program of the regional head as the leader below must participate in the success.

    "All programs from the President are basically the program of the Governor, Mayor and Regent, so we must succeed," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.

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