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    Improving Services, Travel Agencies Form Compliance FKS


    BANDUNG - The emergence of various fraud modes by several bureaus of Hajj and Umrah trips to thousands of pilgrims did not dampen the interest of the people of West Java to perform Hajj and Umrah.

    But this problem needs to be taken seriously as well as a challenge for the managers of hajj and umroh travel agencies to restore the negative image.

    Seeing these conditions, a number of hajj and umrah travel agencies in West Java 
    formed the Communication and Gathering Forum for Umrah and Hajj Worship Providers (FKS PATUH).

    The Chairperson of the West Java Compliance FKS, Wawan R. Misbah hoped that the FKS PATUH will be present so that the people of West Java can obtain information, knowledge and enlightenment related to a good travel agency and can escort prospective Umrah pilgrims and salaries.

    "We hope that with this FKS PATUH, the community can carry out Hajj and Umrah according to expectations and achieve the Hajj and Umrah which are maqbul and mabrur," Wawan said, after the inauguration of the FKS PATUH Jabar at the Horison Hotel in Bandung on Thursday (11/10).

    Wawan stated, through this forum, travel hajj and umroh bureaus can provide excellent services from planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and developing in the field of Hajj and Umrah.

    "With excellent service from every travel agency, it will provide a sense of security and comfort and as expected in performing Hajj or Umrah," he said. (Parno)

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