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    Opening Ngopi Saraosna Vol 6, Ridwan Kamil Brings Coffee for Visitors


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil officially opened the West Java coffee festival titled Ngopi Saraosna (Ngora) Vol 6 on the Gedung Sate Bandung page, Friday (12/10/18).

    As a marker, Emil his familiar name doing, coffee brewing or mixing coffee which is then shared with visitors.

    "With this, I officially open the Saraosna Vol 6 event. Please come to the Gedung Sate 2 days with family to enjoy West Java coffee," Emil said.

    Various interesting events are presented by Ngora 6 to Saturday tomorrow. On the first day, hundreds of visitors had crowded the Gedung Sate area since afternoon enjoying coffee and various entertainment. Before opening the event, Emil along with hundreds of motorbike communities who joined Gentleman's Ride did city riding around the streets in the city of Bandung.

    Arriving at Gedung Sate, Emil accompanied by West Java vice Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum immediately attended one of the Ngora 6 series, namely "Ngawangkong with the Governor" in the eastern area of ??Gedung Sate. In the event attended by West Java coffee farmers and coffee practitioners, it was discussed about the history, development and strategy of making West Java coffee the champion in the world.

    Emil said, in his leadership, he had a target to make West Java coffee worldwide. According to him, coffee is the most sought-after commodity, because the quality of coffee is a measure.

    "I and Pak Uu are committed to bringing West Java coffee globally, that is the target. Now the coffee commodity is the most sought after because it is more competitive, the quality is the size," he said.

    To achieve this, said Emil, it will not only export West Java coffee, but he plans to open coffee cafes in Europe and America, all of which are copies of West Java.

    "I want to have an overseas cafe and coffee all of West Java coffee, I will look for the entrepreneur," he said.

    In addition, he also plans to establish a West Java coffee forum consisting of government, businessmen and coffee farmers.

    "Later a Jabar coffee forum will be formed so that those who have advanced technology, have great trading knowledge we combine to the level of farmers," he said.

    In addition to West Java coffee globally, Emil will also make West Java a coffee province in Indonesia. He said, West Java was very rich in coffee. Every mountain in West Java has coffee that has a distinctive taste.

    West Java has now also started the presence of the only coffee school in Indonesia, precisely in Tanjung Sari Sumedang, namely Vocational high school (SMK) PPN (Agriculture, State Development). Graduates at this coffee school will get certificates that can be used throughout the world. They are not only trained to be baristas but also coffee farmers.

    "That is our support to make the Coffee Province and insyaallah 3 years also my cruelty will go down directly," he said.

    "We protect this coffee also with Regional Regulations. So the point is that our education is intervened, the rules we intervene, promotion, just one more vision to make cafes abroad if it is complete, downstream from the mountains to foreigners," Emil added.

    At the end of the event, an auction of Bandung's creative products will be held, the results of which will be donated to victims of the earthquake disaster in Palu and Donggala. A value of Rp. 45 million was obtained from the auction and Emil himself bought a shoe.

    On the same occasion symbolically handed over the Indonesia Bank Social Program (PSBI) by the Deputy Head of BI Representative Office of West Java, Sukarelawati Permana, which included: Market Needs Mapping Study, Production Base, and survey baseline, Assistance of Agribusiness Cluster Development, Quality Grader Coffee Workshop and Upstream-Downstream Production, and Coffee Productivity Infrastructure Facilities. Total PSBI assistance worth Rp1.6 Billion.

    Ngopi Saraosna Vol 6 is present at Gedung Sate on 12-13 October 2018. Will present with a more relaxed & romantic package. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that the culture of coffee with a relaxed style can become a tradition in the community. Line Up bands that have been confirmed are d 'Masiv, Mustache and Beard, Two Triple-O, Afternoon, and Homogenic.

    On the second day (Saturday, October 13, 2018) at 9 am at the Gesa Ngopi saraosna Cooperative booth there will also be an auction of nanolog coffee. This is the term used for coffee auctions under 25kg.

    This auction will be followed by coffee farmers from among others, Garut, Halu Mount, Ciwidey, Pangalengan, Sumedang, Lembang, and others.

    While filling the booth in Ngopi Saraosna Vol. 6 or Ngora Vol. 6 almost all regions in West Java send 'representatives'. Coffee in Ngora Vol. 6 comes from Karawang regency, Subang regency, Sumedang regency, Majalengka regency, Cirebon city, Tasikmalaya regency, Garut regency, Bandung city, Bandung regency, West Bandung regency, Sukabumi City, Cianjur regency, Bogor City, and Purwakarta regency.

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