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    Aher: Signs of Allah in Creation of The Sun and The Moon


    BANDUNG-Aher said a solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that illustrates how orderly universe designed by Allah SWT. "We are amazed on this order," said Aher while witnessed the solar eclipse on Wednesday (9/3) at Masjid Al Muttaqien.

    Aher also explained, in religion when the eclipse was ordered to give Takbir, pray, and take a look directly with the naked eye as well as tools. "Alhamdulillah we have already seen this both invisible and used the glasses, it looks very beautiful, unique, and amazing. Moreover we have conducted Salaat al-Kusoof,” he said.

    Aher appealed to the public to appreciate this phenomenon with no hooks to-associate with myths and assumptions that are not true. "Two signs of Allah is the moon and the sun, it’s all natural occurrence by His will and do not to relate it with human life," said Aher.

    "We should be grateful in a way to multiply our efforts to manage the universe, to manage the earth's West Java sustainable management for the more prosperous future of West Java," added Aher.

    The total solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon in which the position of the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line. This position causes the majority of the earth's surface will be exposed to the moonlight shadows that affected the dark shadow for a few minutes.

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