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    Indonesia-Malaysia Agrees on Two Eastern Border Areas


    BANDUNG-Delegation of Indonesia-Malaysia Produces 2 Outstanding Boundary Problems (OBP) Agreement in the Eastern Sector of the Border of Both Countries.

    Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Hadi Prabowo said, based on the Decree of the Minister of Politics and Security No. Kep. 05 / Menko / Polkam / DKN / 1/1999 concerning the Establishment of the National Confirmation Committee and the International Border Survey between the Republic of Indonesia and Malaysia as the Chairperson of the Indonesia-Malaysia National Border Affirmation and International Committee.

    "Finally the Indonesian and Malaysian delegations were able to produce an agreement and more specifically and also try to produce mutually beneficial results between Indonesia and Malaysia," he told reporters after attending the Joint Indonesian-Malaysia Committee (JIM) on Demarcation and Survey of International Boundary Forum, at the El Royale Bandung, Thursday (11/10/2018).

    Hadi revealed he had completed a joint Indonesia-Malaysia Committee (JIM) on Demarcation and Survey of International Boundary forum, in the context of a demarcation survey of national borders, especially the national boundary of the East Sector between Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Currently there are 5 Outstanding Boundary Problems (OBP), are in Sinapat Village, Sumantipal Village, Stake B 2700, Stake B 3100 in Lumbis Ogong Subdistrict and C600 Staple and C500 Stake in Sebatik District.

    "It has been agreed with Malaysia 2 OBP has been resolved, are Simantipal River and Point C 500 and Point C 600. This means the 2 OBPs Malaysia has understood not to become OBP, and the remaining 3 OBPs will be completed at the 43rd JIM scheduled in Malaysia, "he explained.

    The next step attempts to resolve the rest of the Outstanding Boundary Problems (OBP) with the target between Indonesia and Malaysia in 2020.

    "We are trying to resolve earlier than the target," he concluded. jo

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