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    Higher Education, Research and Technology Ministry Inaugurates the Education Catalyst Industry in ITB


    BANDUNG - Catalysts are an important element for the fuel industry to convert raw materials into fuel oil as desired, even into green fuels. Unfortunately the current catalyst is still an imported item.

    "Around 80 percent of the catalyst is still imported, if the domestic industry can support, then the import needs can be eliminated," said Minister of Research and Technology, Mohamad Nasir, at Bandung Technology Institute, Thursday (10/11/2018).

    Mohamad Nasir inaugurated the Education Catalyst (catalyst teaching industry) at the Chemical and Catalyst Reaction Engineering Laboratory, Chemical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Industrial Technology, ITB (ITB TRK).

    This program is related to the innovation strengthening program obtained by TRK ITB since 2017. This year is the implementation of the second year program.

    The ITB Education-Catalyst development and enforcement program has been preceded by a series of exploratory research in designing and synthesizing catalysts, working with various national process industries, since 25 years ago.

    With PT. Pupuk Iskandar Muda, TRK ITB collaborated to build adsorbents to clean up natural gas by absorbing impurity gas H28. The adsorbent was then given the name PIMIT-Bl was produced commercially and was used in various gas processing industries.

    With PT. Pertamina (Persero), TRK ITB has collaborated in designing and synthesizing Ni and Mo. metal-based hydro naphtha and diesel-based catalysts. Some research results in the synthesis of these catalysts have the potential to be commercialized.

    ITB TRK is funded by BPDP KS (Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency), innovating catalysts to produce gasoline and chemicals from palm oil. Now, almost all of the research conducted at the ITB TRK is oriented to the commercialization of research results. jo

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