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    Support Disaster Recovery, Pindad Send Excavators


    BANDUNG-Part of the effort to support the recovery after the earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred in Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi Province which resulted in a considerable loss of both material and human casualties, PT Pindad sent 1 unit of excavators under the Pindad Excava 200 brand.

    PT Pindad President Director Abraham Mose said the excavators Pindad sent were the latest production in 2018 in red and were immediately transported by plane.

    "4 similar excavator units have also assisted the disaster recovery process, are 1 unit owned by the Director General of Water Resources and 3 units owned by the Director General of Public Works of the Ministry of PUPR produced in 2017," he said.

    According to Abraham, sending 1 unit of Excava 200 made by Pindad to Palu is a form of concern for the company and the form of BUMN present for the country to support post-disaster recovery.

    "We hope Excava 200 in Palu can alleviate and support the work of the emergency response team in the post-disaster recovery process," said Abraham, at PT Pindad Bandung, Thursday (11/10).

    Abraham explained, the 21.7-ton excavator had been absorbed by the market, including being purchased by the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Agriculture, DKI Government, PT Barata and private mining and was projected to sell 130 units by the end of 2018.

    "Excava 200 has a production capacity of 1 unit per day, measuring 9.542 m in length, 2.895 m in width and 3.193 m in height and 227 units have been sold so far," he explained. (Parno)

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