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    BNN Beware of Drug Circulation in West Java Waters area


    BANDUNG - the Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) of West Java oversees drug trafficking, especially in the waters area of West Java.

    Head of the West Java BNNP, Sufyan Syarif said the syndicate movement in the sea area, such as Pantura, would usually stop at the pond house in the Cirebon area, Karawang, Indramayu. The South region is also quite vulnerable, many foreign ships and are related to tourists. With the involvement of various parties in handling drug trafficking problems, it will narrow the space for the syndicates.

    "Synergy with various parties is pursued by building a Shining Village involving Babinsa, Babinkamtibmas, Citizens Health Center (Puskesmas), and others," Sufyan told reporters at the Serela Bandung hotel, Wednesday (10/10/2018).

    The area of West Java is not a safe area, with the largest population in Indonesia, and the population of productive age is around 20 million, then West Java is a potential area. Need hard work from all levels to achieve Indonesia Gold ...

    Drug trafficking in Indonesia also involves various syndicates, such as Aceh, Medan, Riau, and Pontianak's syndicate. Besides that, the foreign syndicates involved are Malaysia and Singapore. The main objective / main drug market is the Jakarta area with the support of the West Java region, where Bekasi is also the area of West Java.

    "Drug problems in Indonesia are very sensitive for users, where 60% of users are trial and error, 20% of situational / routine use, and 10% have become addicts," he explained.

    The Head of BNNP West Java explained the link between drug problems between regions with interdiction (land, air and sea). The terrestrial area relates to the toll road segment, relating to the Transportation Agency and toll road management. Meanwhile, airspace is related to AVSEC and airport managers. Sea areas relate to port managers. In addition it also involves the ranks of Immigration, Customs and Excise, and the TNI.

    "If the trial and error users have to stay in jail for 6 months and have to wait for the verdict of the trial, this condition is very alarming. We need to think about how in Ministry of Law and Human Rights there is a separation between novice users and dealers," he said.

    Going forward, continued Sufyan, the integrated assessment team will be empowered, who is in the integrated assessment team, and how the process of issuing TAT recommendations. We recommend that you issue a joint order throughout West Java so the Integrated Assessment Team can run.

    "By encouraging the TAT process to run, more drug addicts can be saved," he concluded.

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