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    Iwa Regional Secretary Visit Location Verification of West Java Provincial Candidates for Civil Servants Registrants


    BANDUNG – Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa was accompanied by the Head of the West Java Provincial Personnel Agency and the Representative Head of the West Java Ombudsman to review the location of the Verification of West Java Province Candidates for Civil Servants Registrants in 2018 at the Padjajaran University Training Center Ir. H. Juanda Street No. 4 Bandung City, Thursday (11/10/18).

    Iwa said the West Java Province BKD, West Java Ombudsman and BKN will continue to commit to implementing this CPNS selection properly and correctly. One of them is by collaborating between BKN, West Java Province and West Java Regents / Mayors through an agreement on infrastructure for using Computer Assisted Test (CAT).

    "Furthermore, now at the stage of impazilementasi selection using CAT. This tool has been tested transparently and openly, so, the CPNS participants after the test can also be known for the results, "said Iwa.

    Therefore, according to Iwa, the Provincial and Regency / City Governments in West Java would like to thank all those who continue to monitor the CPNS process. So, it encourages us to be even stronger so that the implementation is more transparent.

    "The public's interest until now, Thursday at 2:00 p.m., registering 1,085 formations reached 29,000 registrants. However, it is rather regrettable that some of what we really need is the formations have not been registered. One of them is a specialist, "he said.

    It is expected Iwa through an extension of time until October 15, 2018 will be interested in registering from an empty formation. And the date of CPNS implementation will be simultaneously held on October, 26 2018.

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