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    Witness the Solar Eclipse In Boscha Observatorium in Lembang


    LEMBANG-Natural phenomenon creations of the God Almighty, has just occurred, namely a solar eclipse, that get extraordinary attention from the public including children.

    Many places as the point to see this solar eclipse in Bandung, such as West Java Perjuangan Monument, Jl. Layang Pasupati, and certainly in Boscha Observatorium in Lembang.

    Since the dawn, thousands of people have thronged in the Boscha Observatorium area. Even some visitors stayed at hotels or inns around Lembang.

    Jabarprov.go.id reporter tim had arrived in the area of Boscha around 06.00 am, on Wednesday (9/3). The entrance to Boscha already crowded with visitors who generally use their owned vehicles. They were come from Garut, Cimahi, Cianjur, Bandung and Lembang itself. They want to see the phenomenon of solar eclipse.

    To see the solar eclipse, it should have to use special glasses. The Boscha management has provided of 100 special glasses and distributed for free. Considering the number of visitors that too much, then these glasses has provided was insufficient. The visitor also stormed the souvenir shop that sells these special glasses, and it was sold out in a short time.

    The presence of thousands visitors in Boscha Observatorium was not well coordinated. There was no officer who guides or provide technical explanations of the phenomenon of solar eclipse. According to one guard, the expert teams are on the Boscha research centres who has a total solar eclipse views. “In here, there are only six students who are doing research," he said.

    Nevertheless, visitors are satisfied with the wonderful phenomenon of solar eclipse although for the scope in Bandung and its surroundings was lasted of 80 percent. "I am grateful to be able to see the eclipse, although only with this special glasses," said one visitor.

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