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    Ngopi Sarosna Vol. 6 Offer New Variations and Excitement


    BANDUNG - Ngopi Saraosna Vol. 6 or now familiarly abbreviated as Ngora Vol. 6, offers variety and novelty experiences compared to previous series. On the first day, Friday (12/10/18) afternoon, Gedung Sate will be visited by large and antique motorbike riders, complete with gentleman-style costumes.

    No less than 300 riders will drive city from the Pakuan State Building or better known as the West Java Governor's Office Home to Gedung Sate, Bandung City. Not just as an invitation to Ngora Vol. 6, they will also attend a charity auction for donations for Palu - Donggala. Special, because the one who will be the auction host is David Naif.

    Head of the Prov. Regional Public Relations and Protocol Bureau. West Java, Sonny S Adisudarma, said the charity auction was a form of concern for fellow countrymen affected by the disaster but in a unique way. "There will be some favorite items from this community are auctioned off, and not merely those related to coffee," he told West Java PR on Thursday (11/10/18).

    This auction is planned to be held after the talk show "Ngawangkong with West Java Coffee Stakeholders" will be attended by Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and invitation. CSR will also be submitted from Bank Indonesia to West Java coffee farmers.

    No less special, in Ngora Vol. 6 The governor will provide coffee for lucky visitors. "Kang Emil (Ridwan Kamil's nickname) will brew at the Free Coffee booth. Don't miss this rare moment, on Friday afternoon. Because, the cup is limited and when else do we make a cup of coffee made by Kang Emil? "He said.

    Sonny explained there was a slight difference in the crowd from what was usually right on the front page of Gedung Sate to extend to the East Parking area. Instagramable spots also according to Sonny have been prepared for residents and families. "Ngora Vol. 6 is prepared as a romantic and family-friendly event, "he said.

    It was less difficult to feel if the coffee festival was without a coffee auction, according to Sonny on the second day (Saturday, October 13, 2018) at 9 am at the Gesa Ngopisaraosna Cooperative booth, an auction of nanologies would also be held. "This is the term used for coffee auctions under 25kg," he said.

    This auction will be followed by coffee farmers from among others, Garut, Mount Halu, Ciwidey, Pangalengan, Sumedang, Lembang, and others. "All the beans that will be auctioned are guaranteed and cured in good quality," explained Sonny.

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