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    Visit Indonesia Pavilion, IMF Director Praises Strategic Industrial Development, Tourism and Fintech Indonesia


    BANDUNG - Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde said she was deeply impressed by the development of Indonesia's strategic industry, tourism and financial technology. He expressed this when visiting Indonesia Pavilion which is located in the main area of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meeting of the World Bank (WB) today.

    "I am pleased that Indonesia can build its own aircraft and can export it outside by using its own material," Lagarde said when visiting the manufacture showcase area as stated in the Public Relation of PT Dirgantara Indonesia  release on Wednesday (10/10).
    Lagarde was also amazed when she saw a miniature of the Mandalika Special Economic Zone project, West Nusa Tenggara. The French woman had expressed interest in Mandalika KEK after learning the area was free from damage when the earthquake shook Lombok in July. "That means I have to buy a house or villa there," Lagarde said with a smile.
    Not only was amazed by Indonesia's infrastructure and tourism development, Lagarde also showed her concern when visiting batik craftsmen, painting fans and weaving in the Workshop area. He even had time to interact directly with fan painting craftsmen.
    Lagarde's visit to Indonesia Pavilion increasingly attracted attention when she approached music artist Sasando. He even had time to ask the Sasando player to bring one of his favorite songs.
    "I asked me to play the song Let It Be owned by the Beatles. Yes, it's pretty nervous, "said Ivan, Sasando player.
    Lagarde's enthusiasm with Indonesia was also shown when she saw handicrafts from Indonesia's natural wealth. He looked a lot of asking questions about jewelry made from silver and pearls on display.
    "Ms. Lagarde was very interested in silver jewelry from Bali and pearls. She said, in France there was nothing like that after we said that these pearl jewelry all came from the Indonesian sea, "said Angga Risnando, one of the Marketing Executives who guided Lagarde's visit to Indonesia Pavilion.
    On that occasion, Lagarde also expressed her admiration after learning that visitors to the Indonesian Pavilion could find out the prices of products displayed in the UMKM area directly through the smartphone application. "This is very good. Very fintech. You are one step ahead, "Lagarde said.

    Throughout her visit, Lagarde was seen enjoying her trip along the Indonesia Pavilion showcase area of more than 2000 meters. "Indonesia Pavilion is very impressive," he closed. Jo

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