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    40 West Java Musicians Cross Generation to Perform at the Preanger Fest


    BANDUNG-A total of 40 West Java cross-generation musicians will appear in the Preanger Fest which takes place on 13-14 October 2018 at PPI Bandung Field. They will enliven music celebrations and massive movements on 3 different stages, equipped with sound and lighting equipment that will amaze visitors.

    Representatives from Havas Indonesia as the organizer of the Preanger Fest, Indradjid Sofwan explained, this music festival departed from the longing for the atmosphere in the 90s and 2000s when Bandung gave birth to many bands that triumphed in that era, namely PAS Band, Burgerkill, Pure Saturday, The Milo, Koil. In the 2000s, Mocca, The SIGIT, HMGNC, Polyester Embassy, and Rocket Rockers were born in the period.

    "Music is something that cannot be separated from Bandung. As one of the creative pillars of the city of West Java, Bandung's musician contributions to the Indonesian music industry map have begun since decades ago," he told reporters at Verde Resto and Lounge Bandung, Wednesday (10/10 / 2018).

    Indradjid revealed that by carrying out a commitment to provide a platform for musicians and communities in Bandung-West Java to showcase their talents, the Preanger Fest celebrates and bridges across generations to become a natural thing. The bands that will perform are not only established bands such as Mocca, Pas Band, Burgerkill, The Groove, Koil and Pure Saturday but also feature Bimbo legends.

    "Also performing bands of the next generation such as Ikkubaru, Heals, Parahyena, The Schuberts and many more," he said.

    Through the Preanger Fest, all the best musicians from West Java gathered to voice the local spirit of Kudu Vocal through the characteristics of their respective musicalities. Including Bandung is still the storehouse of talented musicians and various generations in the land of Parahyangan can together watch it in the event of the Preanger Fest festival.

    "We are also looking for the next generation in West Java through the band submission with Warkop Musik and assisted by Otong Koil as curator, the result is amazing to see more than 300 music works submitted from various directions in Parahyangan and finally selected 8 bands joining the ranks Preanger Fest viewer, "he explained.

    Several new generation bands were selected to appear in the Preanger Fest such as the Cirebon Lair band, Markamerah band from Tasik, 20th Century band (Sukabumi), Glamsglory band (Garut), Loner Lunar band (Jatinangor) Freak band (Bandung), Turks & Caicos band (Bogor), and Suar & Temaram band (Sukabumi).

    "We hope that opportunities for regeneration for new bands and creators can continue to occur in the future," he added.

    Meanwhile, representatives of the Bandung music community, Angga Badil claimed to have a common vision and mission that is to appreciate and invite the young generation of Parahyangan to voice more loudly that Bandung is still a hotbed of talented musicians and creative actors.

    He hopes that with the spirit of "Local Kudu Vocal" that is brought in by the music festival, it can be transmitted to the current generation to trigger them to always work.

    "Our Preanger Fest also wants the music industry in West Java to continue to move towards a better direction," he added.

    In line with the Rocket Rockers vocalist, Aska said the Preanger Fest was a new hope, especially for musicians from Parahyangan to be heard by more people.

    "We are very happy and proud to be a part of the Preanger Fest and enliven this big celebration. We can't wait to give our best performances this weekend," he said.

    He added that with the capacity of Bandung's PPI field of 15,000 thousand people, the Preanger Fest music celebration will begin at 1:00 p.m. Not only music, Preanger Fest also invited many marketplaces and food trucks in Bandung to enliven and feel the euphoria of this celebration, which is certainly still in line with the pride of Bandung children.

    "This event is expected to be the beginning of the rise of the music industry in West Java," he concluded. (Pun)

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