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    CAT Avoid the Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) Reception Committee from Outside Intervention


    BANDUNG – Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Regency/City Secretary and the Head of Regional Office III BKN, related to the Provision of Infrastructure Facilities for the Selection of 2018 Civil Servant Candidates with the BKN Computer Assisted Test (CAT) Method in the Hall West Gedung Sate, Wednesday (10/10/18).

    Iwa appreciates the Regency/City Regional Secretary who is present, because if not the impact will be on the position carried out. The implementation of the CAT system will immediately display the results obtained, passed or not. Compared to using a Computer Assisted Test UNBK system.

    "So that we as Regional Secretary have a reason when anyone intervenes. Including our own siblings. Safe, "he said.

    "I got experience, if in the past the work could be done by five people but now it was done by one person. Because the selection process is good, "he continued.

    Human resources are capable and competitive, Iwa feels very important. Considering that according to the study results show that in 2045 Indonesia will become a developed country and it will be the third largest in the world after America and China. Currently Indonesia is included in the G20 of the largest country in the world, is now crawling to 16th position through its indicator of gross domestic protap.

    Iwa said the total allocation of formations in the West Java Province was 13,029 formations, with an allocation of 1,085 formations in the West Java Provincial Government and the remaining 11,944 formations for Regency/ city regional governments in West Java. There are only two districts that do not apply for CPNS, namely Kuningan Regency and Cianjur Regency.

    Head of BKN Regional Office III, Imas Sukmairah said the selection of CPNS was based on the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Indonesian Bureaucratic Reform No. 637 of 2018, concerning the establishment of agencies using the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) system of BKN and Computer Assisted Test UNBK of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the implementation of CPNS selection in 2018.

    Imas revealed, not all BKN regional offices use the BKN Computer Assisted Test (CAT) system, there are only five regions in Indonesia. But other regions are in the process of submitting a letter to Kemenpan, related to the desire to use the BKN Computer Assisted Test (CAT) facility.

    "that is Yogyakarta Regional Office I, Regional Office II Surabaya, Regional Office III Bandung, Regional Office V Jakarta and Regional Office XIII Banda Aceh," he explained.

    It is expected that the CPNS will be in accordance with the wishes of the RI RB Minister of State, namely civil servants as future leaders who are world class, have integrity, have high nationalism, are global minded, able to use IT and able to speak.

    Selection of CPNS will be carried out at five regional points in West Java. Among them:

    a. West Java Sport Location Points (Arcamanik)

    1. West Java Province

    2. Sumedang Regency

    3. Karawang Regency

    4. Bandung City

    5. Subang Regency

    6. Cimahi City

    7. Sukabumi Regency

    b. Bandung Regency Location Points (Telkom University)

    1. Bandung Regency

    2. West Bandung Regency

    3. Bekasi Regency

    4. Purwakarta Regency

    c. Point Location of Bogor Regency Government / Regional Government Complex Tegar Beriman

    1. Bogor Regency

    2. Bogor City

    3. Bekasi City

    4. Sukabumi City

    5. Depok City

    d. Point Location of the Multipurpose Building of Tasikmalaya City

    1. City of Tasikmalaya

    2. Tasikmalaya Regency

    3. Garut Regency

    4. Banjar City

    5. Pangandaran Regency

    6. Ciamis Regency

    e. Point of Location of Radian Hotel Cirebon Regency

    1. Cirebon Regency

    2. Cirebon City

    3. Indramayu Regency

    4. Majalengka Regency

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