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    UIII Can Shift Islamic & Scientific Civilizations to Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Regional Government of West Java Province supports the Central Government's full efforts to build the campus of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) in Depok City.

    According to Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, this campus will make Islamic civilization and knowledge shift from the Middle East to Indonesia.

    "I am very happy the existence of the university (UIII) will make Islamic civilization and knowledge can shift from the Middle East to Indonesia," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname after meeting the Chairman of UIII Campus Development, Komarudin Hidayat in Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Tuesday (9/10/18).

    Emil also proposed it also be a gathering place for people or religious activities. That way, Emil said it is not only a "ivory tower" but also a place for people to interact.

    "I propose there be a place for the 'Manasik Haji', so, it can do at campus are indeed Islamic themes, the land is still wide," Emil said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of UIII Campus Development Komarudin Hidayat said Indonesia was one of the alternatives and models for the development of Islam in the world. Especially as long as the West always perceives Islam as the Middle East.

    In addition, Indonesia has a long experience of Islam and democracy. There has known democracy since a long time ago, it is known as what is called deliberation, mutual cooperation, and the direct active participation of the community in development.

    "Hence Indonesian democracy and Islam have strong historical roots have'nt been widely explored, studied and introduced to the western world," Komarudin said.

    Indonesian Islam, continued Komarudin, has a variety of different schools can be accepted by the citizens. This is because culturally Indonesian society is plural, so when meeting differences, it is mentally prepared.

    "This is interesting when we live in a democracy, this Islam and this country develop together. This is a model needs to be introduced to the world," he said.

    Support Land Acquisition

    Other support was also given by Governor Emil in relation to land acquisition for campus construction has been Perpreskan to become a National Strategic Project (PSN). Land acquisition is still constrained by illegal housing.

    "I provide support in the form of maximizing land acquisition. Because the land is still constrained by illegal housing," said Emil.

    "After entering the PSN, it becomes a legal basis. We can give faith. Even though it's not included in the KTP, it is important there is evidence it is a long stay, not impromptu," he explained.

    Emil also signed a letter containing the Integrated Team in charge of land acquisition.

    "I have signed a special team to solve the problem," said Emil.

    According to Chairman of UIII Campus Development Komarudin Hidayat, this integrated team will be tasked with freeing 143 hectares of land, some of which are still inhabited by squatters.

    "This integrated team works to identify who lives there and they're not entitled to," explained Komarudin.

    "Secondly, if you want to see how long the love is, the business will be done later, then what is appropriate according to the rules," he continued.

    Campus UIII will be built with the concept of a green campus, where 30% of the land will be filled with buildings and the other 70% will be green land for the protection of environmentally friendly flora and fauna, it will become a recreation area for campus residents and surrounding residents.

    The campus will have seven faculties, are: Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Architecture and Arts. The first year of UIII will open three study programs, are Islamic Studies, Political Science, and Education.

    The construction of the Campus UIII has been launched by President Jokowi since two years ago through Presidential Regulation Number 57 of 2016 concerning the Establishment of the Indonesian International Islamic University. This commitment is strengthened by PTNBH status will be directly pinned on UIII. In addition, there is the only campus development included in the national strategic project program in the field of education.

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