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    Jasa Raharja Holds 2018 Exemplary Abdiyasa Education and Training


    BANDUNG-A total of 40 drivers consisting of representatives of the Ottobus Company (PO) in the West Java region followed the Exemplary Abdiyasa Education and Training in 2018 organized by PT Jasa Raharja Branch of West Java in collaboration with the West Java Regional Police, the West Java Provincial Transportation Agency and the Organda Regional Representative council Organda of West Java.

    Eri Margajaya, Head of PT Jasa Raharja Branch Office in West Java, said PT Jasa Raharja's routine activities are aimed at educating public transport drivers regarding the role and function of Jasa Raharja and the creation of drivers who are role models for other drivers related to traffic safety. So they can reduce numbers traffic accident.

    "We expect them to be examples of other drivers, so, information and even application in traffic safety will continue to spread, so the number of traffic accidents can be further reduced," he said.

    According to Eri, the readiness of the drivers before running the vehicle is very important, including ensuring the driver's health condition is in good health, ensuring the condition of the vehicle is ready with an overall check (ramcheck), ensuring the paths are understood and always obeying traffic rules on the highway.

    "This is important for the smooth running of the passengers' journey and safety," Eri said at the 2018 Exemplary Abdiyasa Education and Training program at Metro Indah Hotel, Bandung, Tuesday (10/10).

    Eri said, in the Exemplary Abdiyasa Education and Training activities took place from Tuesday (09/10) to Wednesday (10/10), the participants could have a direct discussion with resource persons regarding various problems or obstacles in order to implement orderly traffic.

    "With the discussion, so together can be given solutions and solutions or at least it can be useful input for future improvement efforts," he said.

    40 drivers who participated in 2018 Exemplary Abdiyasa Education and Training from PT MGI, PT Kramatdjati Asri Sejati, PO Surya Putra Adipradana, Perum Damri, PT Pahala Kencana, PT Jackal Holiday, PT Bhineka, PT Bandung Express, PT Putra Luragung respectively. PT Widia, PT Sahabat Prima Abadi, PO Hiba Putra, PT Laju Utama, PT Lana Jaya Prime, PT Doa lbu, PT HS Budiman 45, PT Gapuraning Rahayu, PO Sinar Jaya, PT Parahyangan Express, PO Warga Baru Express, PT Limas Pariwisata , PT Anugerah Mas, Taxi AA, City Trans, KSU Tunas Mandiri, and Individuals. (Parno)

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