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    Subhanallah, What a Beautiful Solar Eclipse


    LEMBANG-Around 06:35, the visitors of Boscha Lembang starting direct their camera on the point of solar eclipse. They mostly used their camera phones, pocket camera and DSLR both regular and for professionals.

    To capture the solar eclipse, each camera should be well protected. It can not directly capture to the solar eclipse. This should be used the special filters for its lenses, such as the ND filter that cost is quite expensive. It can also use negative films, ex-floppy disk or negatives film from X-ray, although the results are not as good as using the ND filter.

    At 06.30, the sky around Lembang became starts bright, the sun gradually be covered by moonlight shadows around 10%. Then until 07:15 it was closed approximately by 50% and ended at 08.00 until 30 minutes later. The moonlight shadows was covered around 80 percent and lasted a few minutes and then disappeared. Then the solar eclipse was over.

    Moment of solar eclipse phenomenon especially in Lembang has attracted the attention of society, including the media crew, both locally and nationally who were participated in the Observatorium Bosscha, Lembang.

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