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    Digging Regional Potential, Indonesian Provincial Government Land Route Expedition Association Team (APPSI) Expedition Team Arrives in West Java


    BANDUNG - Indonesian Provincial Government Land Route Expedition Association Team (APPSI) Land Route Expedition Team has arrived in West Java. This team will explore various potential commodities and tourism in West Java.

    The team was received directly by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro street No. 22, Bandung City, Monday morning (8/10/18). Ridwan Kamil is the 13th governor visited by the Expedition Team from 34 governors to be visited.

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, gave an apession to the APPSI Expedition Team. This is as a concrete effort to open a collaboration between regions, especially for regional trade.

    "Basically we hope that with a solidarity this area can complement each other," Emil said.

    "Often because the information is inadequate, many decisions are not mutually beneficial," he continued.

    Emil gave an example of many commodity products imported from abroad, even though these commodities are in other provinces in the country.

    "It's really just a connection. I hope this team can become a 'tailor' to connect (red-connect) the economic potential that is now slow because it doesn't understand where to buy," he hoped.

    Chairman of the Expedition Team Kiagus Firdaus said, through this expedition there would be tabulation of suply-demand for various commodities. This tabulation serves as a guideline for the synergy of inter-regional trade cooperation.

    "APPSI wants this 34 governor's office to be able to make a tabulation of the demands that have not been well connected, all of which go straight to Jakarta," Kiagus said.

    In addition, the purpose of this expedition is also expected to explore or explore what West Java has to be exposed to other areas such as tourism potential.

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