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    Aher Emphasises the Importance of Multiparty Cooperation


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) shared his experience in leading West Java to the participants of Diklatpim Level I Force 32, which was the official and candidate Echelon I in the institutions of the central government and provincial at the Training Building Institute of Public Administration Jakarta, Tuesday (08/3/16).

    The themed was presented "Best practice to build coalitions with stakeholders", Aher described seven steps in the construction of multi-stakeholder cooperation in West Java. He said this is the key to successful development.

    Seventh steps of the multi-stakeholder cooperation is cooperation between OPD and agencies in the West Java provincial government, cooperation with the central government, municipality, cooperation with State and enterprises, cooperation with foreign and NGO.

    "Cooperation with the business community through CSR has too often conducted and also cooperation with universities," added Aher.

    It was attended by 30 participants that consisted of 6 Echelon I and 24 candidates Echelon I that come from 19 central and provincial government institutions.

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