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    West Java Scout Holds Joint Prayer for Earthquake Victims in Palu


    BANDUNG-Hundreds of members of the West Java Kwarda Scout Movement held a prayer together in helping victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Donggala and Palu, Central Sulawesi.

    The Chairman of Kwarda West Java Scout, Dede Yusuf said his party took the initiative to hold the event as a form of love for others. This is in accordance with the Dasa Dharma Pramuka states that every member must share with others and be willing to sacrifice for their homeland and nation.

    "Scouts must carry out voluntary movements for disaster victims in Palu, Donggala and Lombok," he told reporters at the Pramuka park LL RE Martadinata Street, Bandung, Sunday (07/10/2018).

    Dede explained, West Java Scouts have been raising aid funds three weeks ago to be given to NTB's earthquake victims in Lombok. However, the earthquake occurred again in Palu and Donggala in Central Sulawesi so, West Java Scouts coordinated with the Central Sulawesi Kwarda Scout to accompany volunteers.

    "We heard in Palu there was a shortage of volunteers, so West Java Scouts sent 10 volunteers there," he said.

    He considered the number of volunteers was lacking, for this reason West Java Kwarda planned to send volunteers in the second group together with the support of financial and logistical assistance had been collected.

    "Indeed, this assistance is divided into two, is for the victims of the Lombok and Palu earthquake disasters," he added.

    According to Dedi, various assistance had reached Palu but was constrained in distribution, so it had not even reached several disaster locations.

    "The latest information, some disaster locations have lacked aid supplies so that a more equitable distribution is needed," he said.

    Dede said currently more medical personnel and evacuation teams are needed because the number of victims of the disaster has already reached thousands of lives. For this reason, volunteers sent by West Java Scouts are capable and professionally educated.

    "This is the only thing we can do until we wait for the news of certainty from the Central Sulawesi Scouts conditions in the location are conducive. Currently access to disaster locations is also still difficult," he concluded. (Even)

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