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    Volunteers of Clean West Java Combined Command Post Undata Hospital


    PALU - West Java Volunteers divides several teams which one of them was deployed to clean the yard of UNDATA Hospital which is considered inappropriate for a hospital on Saturday (6/10/18).

    This joint volunteer consists of several elements of the Nature Lovers Organization of West Java and Sulawesi, WANADRI, VERICAL RECUE INDONESIA, BROTHERHOOD FOR NATURE (BFN), MED-A UNISSULA, AMP UNPAD, PLH PGPI, SIGAB PERSIS, BPBD, PMI and BAZNAS.

    UNDATA Hospital's cleaning commander - Palu, Mas Wang, said that after the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu-Donggala UNDATA Hospital was not feasible.

    "A few days ago before many teams arrived, the hospital yard. UNDATA Hospital is filled with dozens of dead bodies and debris that makes this environment unfit for use, "he said.

    "In addition to presenting an unpleasant scene, our worries are also the bodies that are late buried can cause an environment that is not sterile," he added.

    According to him, usually the bodies that were buried late could produce bacteria so that it could have an impact on the health of patients or refugees who settled in the yard of the UNDATA Hospital.

    Therefore, the page of UNDATA Hospital must be cleaned as soon as possible, so that the cleanliness of patients and refugees in the yard of UNDATA Hospital can be guaranteed health.

    For cleaning techniques itself, West Java Joint Venture Volunteers provide various cleaning tools, such as brushes, brooms, scopes, hoes, dettol soap and various other cleaning tools.

    In addition, Mas Wang revealed that in addition to West Java Joint Volunteers, Mas Wang had also coordinated with the firefighter in Palu to help the cleaning process of UNDATA Hospital together.

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