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    Leadership in the Digital Era Ala Ridwan Kamil


    BOGOR-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil put forward the basic principles of leadership or leadership in the era of digital technology like today. Leaders' risk in the digital era will be public or relevant to all their actions.

    "The principle in this digital era is that the most important is relevant. Relevant, he (leader) knows how to behave in an era that is fast-paced, completely transparent," said Emil, nicknamed Ridwan Kamil, when he was the speaker of the Digital Leadership in the Era seminar held at IPB Independent Auditorium of IPB Students, Dramaga, Bogor Regency, Saturday (6/10/18).

    "Every act will surely be monitored by citizens digitally, there can be no errors, there is dishonesty because it will surely be discovered," he continued.

    Besides being relevant, the leadership needed in this digital era is visionary. A leader who has far-sighted thinking.

    "Indonesia by Bung Karno was born from a dream. Then in the next five years West Java I will dream of becoming a inner birth Champion. The winner because of being a winner, then inner birth, I will balance world affairs with the hereafter," said Emil.

    Innovation is also key when leaders in the digital age want to succeed. A leader must be able to create various innovations through creative ideas.

    Then risk takers, the leaders must dare to take risks. "Risk taker, dare to take risks. If you don't dare to take risks, don't be a leader," explained Emil.

    The last principle of leadership in the digital era is the agent of change. The leader of the digital era is required to be able to bring change to those he leads.

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