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    Attending a Mother School Graduation, Emil Explains the Role of Mothers in the Family


    BOGOR-A woman or wife has an important role in the life of every family. Mother has a multifunctional role for both the child and her husband.

    According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, when a wife is dealing with a husband, she must be able to put herself as a makmum, because the husband is a priest or leader in the family.

    "The wife's duty to her husband, according to the Governor, is that one can put (themselves) as a makmum," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, in his remarks while attending the Bogor City First Class Mother School Graduation held at Graha Widya Wisuda Building, IPB Campus, Dramaga, Bogor Regency, Saturday (6/10/18).

    Second, continued Emil, a wife must always be a lover. The wife of the husband must look beautiful regardless of the wife's age. Both beautiful from outside and from inside.

    "Therefore, to the husbands, please budget for maximum care," Emil said, welcomed by the mothers.

    The third thing that is the duty of a wife is to be a friend to vent. The wife acts as a friend to her husband. Every time there is communication especially when there are problems, curses or communication can be a powerful way to find solutions to problems.

    Besides playing an important role for the husband, a mother also plays an important role for her children. The mother acts as a teacher to shape the character of the child, as friends and friends, as well as providing protection for the child.

    Mother's School Prevents Divorce

    As many as 2,000 mothers from Mother Schools in Bogor City, batch I graduated on this occasion. Through this Mother School, Emil wants the Mother School to become a bastion of happiness for the people of West Java in the next five years.

    "The next five years of West Java must be the happiest province in the Republic of Indonesia," said Emil.

    For this reason, the Mother School will be implemented in all districts/cities in West Java. the Mother School of Bogor city can be an example of the application of a Mother School in West Java.

    "This is a good example, mother's school. Later we will try to implement it in 2019 to all regions, of course with adjustments," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, the Mayor of Bogor city, Bima Arya said that the Mother School is a means to strengthen the role of resilience in the family.

    "This Mother School gives mothers a stronger role as a path to family resilience, education, health, etc.," said Bima.

    Bima claimed that since the Mother School was rolled out many couples who were not divorced. Thus, this Mother School plays a role in mapping problems in families.

    "It's just been running. But we already have the data, which some couples don't get divorced. The domestic violence, the brawl is still a process. But what is clear is that in the past few months, couples who are not divorced," said Bima.    

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