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    Vice Governor Uu: Santri Compulsory Literacy Technology


    GARUT REGENCY-The development of the times has changed so that the development of this era of globalization cannot be avoided. Therefore, so that students are not dragged and marginalized, they must follow the development of technology.

    vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum gave an example of one of the Qurota Ayun Islamic Boarding Schools (Ponpes) in Samarang, Garut Regency, which has applied technology in the learning system for its students. He said, the pattern of education in Islamic Boarding Schools is not only limited to giving ukhrowi (religion) knowledge but is equipped with worldly knowledge.

    "It is precisely in the Qurota Ayun Islamic boarding school that has carried out the concept. Santri memorizes technology," he told reporters at  Qurota Ayun, Samarang, Garut Regency, Saturday (10/10/2018).

    Uu said, Islamic boarding schools could fortify the negative impact of technological developments, namely providing students with religious values. If it is not given, it will have a negative impact on the development of generations in the future.

    "Every thing in this world there are benefits and maximal. So the negative side must be minimized by the knowledge given at this Islamic boarding school. If not given, then worry that the existing technology will be a disaster for itself because it is not fortified with faith and piety," he explained.

    Uu explained before that parents rarely send their children to Ponpes because they do not have the legality of a diploma that is generally recognized. However, at present some Ponpes already have a legality certificate which has been officially recognized by the government.

    "This is precisely what is needed by the community. Because in the past, why many parents rarely enter their children into pesantren, because they do not have formal shadah or legality that is recognized by the state," he said.

    The legality of the diploma has an impact on the number of students in each Ponpes who have increased. "In a period of 15 years the number has already been 3,000 santri. It is hoped that other pesantren can follow the development and methods taught at the Qurota Ayun pesantren," he concluded. (Pun)

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