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    Encourage Students to Become Entrepreneurs, West Java Vice Governor Scrolls the Trend Mark


    GARUT REGENCY - Pesantren (Ponpes) graduates have been considered to be still minimal in the entrepreneurial world. For this reason, in the future the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) launched a trend mark program.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum explained that the Trend Mark program means that each Ponpes has a mini market so that it helps the economy of the pesantren especially the life of the students. In addition, with the Trend Mark program, each Ponpes is expected to produce one product such as agriculture and other creative industries so that it can be sold on the market.

    "We have a trend mark program, namely in a pesantren a minimarket is established, so that each Ponpes is able to produce one product, both agriculture, industry, and other creative industries," he told reporters at Ponpes Qurota Ayun, Samarang, Garut Regency, Saturday (6 / 10/2018).

    Vice Governor Uu revealed that in general the santri did not have income because of lack of knowledge in muamalah (economics). They just focused on studying religious knowledge (ukhrowi), while their worldly knowledge was abandoned.

    Therefore, West Java vice Governor who also has a background from the pesantren provides a policy that is able to improve the welfare of Ponpes, especially the lives of the students so that they are not left behind in the worldly field.

    "It does not mean bad, but why not various scientific fields, including economics, are also given to students. So, we from the government who come from the pesantren environment think about the welfare of the pesantren with various policies that support the progress of the students," he explained.

    Uu also appealed that the Ponpes should not only be used by a handful of politicians during the campaign period. The existence of this Trend Mark program has an impact on the independence of the students so they do not only rely on assistance from other parties.

    "Do not let the Islamic boarding school only be used by politicians when they campaign by providing makeshift assistance but after becoming officials they leave the pesantren," he said.

    He hoped that besides giving birth to new entrepreneurs, graduates of Islamic Boarding Schools were also able to produce formidable politicians who would have a policy of advancing santri or pesantren.

    "I hope from various pesantren, especially in West Java, a formidable muammian is born," he concluded. (Pun)

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