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    Subling in Depok, this is Emil's 'Gift' for Starfruit City


    DEPOK CITY-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil again held a dawn prayer around(Subling) or Dawn Pray in congregation. Subling this time was held with the citizens of Cinere, Depok at the Jami Al Ikhlas Parung Bingung Mosque, Cinere Raya street RT 03/01 Rangkapjaya Baru Village, Pancoran Mas District, Depok City, Saturday morning (6/10/18).

    On this occasion, Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, presented a number of development plans to be carried out by the West Java Provincial Government in Depok City. Emil called these development programs as 'gifts' (grants) for the City of Starfruit.

    " I want to give a lot of prizes to Depok," Emil said in front of hundreds of congregations of Al Ikhlas Mosque in Parung Bingung Depok.

    These grants include the construction of two flyovers for Depok City.

    "Allot of two fly over to overcome congestion. Please select the location," said Emil.

    In addition, Emil will also build the accessibility or infrastructure of the road to the existing tourism sites in Depok City. Regarding tourism, Emil will also provide financial assistance grants of around Rp 40 billion to revitalize the Situ Rawa Kalong, and will grant tourism buses.

    "I have a lot of funds in Depok, but it is not organized," he said.

    Another 'prize' for Depok is a renovation grant of two traditional markets. Emil wants traditional markets in Depok to be clean and well-organized.

    "The characteristics of a traditional market are successful if people are rich, moms want to take selfies in the market," he said.

    While for the young generation of Depok, a creativity building will be built complete with various facilities, such as music studios, craft studios, painting studios, and others. The young generation, said Emil, must be busy with a variety of creativity, so that they can produce a work.

    "Gifts for Depok young people, building Depok creativity. So that young people become creativity experts. Find the place later to fund the construction of the building from the province," he concluded.

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