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    Want to be the CEO of the Company? Follow the One Village One Company Program


    Bogor Regency - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil challenged the millennial generation of West Java to become a CEO of the company. The trick is to follow the one village program of one company that will be launched by the West Java Provincial Government.

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, said that he had a program to build villages to be economically independent. Emil will make a company then be distributed to various villages to be managed by young CEOs in West Java.

    "I am making a one-village one-company program. I am again making a thousand CEO youth program," Emil said as a guest speaker at the activities of the Islamic Student Association (HMI) Leadership School at New Panjang Jiwo Resort, Jl. Babakan Tunas 9, Cikeas Village, Sukaraja District, Bogor Regency, Saturday (6/10/18).

    "So, I need young people in West Java who have fresh graduated from university, I give a company but in the village," he continued.

    This program is also to grow young people to feel at home in the village. Create jobs so that villagers do not need to go to the city.

    "In order to live in the village to be cool. Because now many children do not want to be farmers anymore, want to go to the city. The age of farmers is now almost in the 60th, if they (farmers) are not able anymore (farming), what we will eat ? " Emil asked in front of hundreds of HMI Branch Heads from all over Indonesia.

    To realize this program, Emil said it would cooperate with the Chancellor's Forum and the Chamber of Commerce. The college will send its graduates to join this program, while cadin will provide guidance from the entrepreneurial side.

    The Key to Indonesia Gold 2045

    The one-village one-company program is expected to be able to trigger national economic stability and independence without being dependent on other countries. Because Emil said, economic stability was the key to the realization of Indonesia Gold 2045.

    "The key to a stable five percent economy is independence. What is Mr. Ridwan's response to the economy? I make village independence," said Emil.

    In addition to economic growth of more than five percent, the key to Indonesia Gold 2045 is a competitive demographic or Human Resources bonus, as well as political stability and democracy. Indonesian human resources must be able to compete with other countries by increasing their abilities or skills.

    "Politics and democracy are stable. Because without stability there will be no development in a country," he concluded.

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