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    First Harvest, Iwa: Desa Asuh Program Is Not only a Ceremonial


    BANDUNG REGENCY-August 2018 ago, the West Bank National Association (Perbanas), in collaboration with Widyatama University, held catfish farming training through the Desa Asuh program in Kahuripan Village, Nagrog Village, Cicalengka, Bandung Regency. Currently, in just three months, this catfish culture is harvested for the first time.

    West Java Province Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa revealed the program from Perbanas also contributed to the success of the West Java Provincial Government program, is the one village program of one product and also one Islamic school, one product. So, for Iwa, the first harvest this time proves the Desa Asuh program is not only ceremonial.

    "The West Java Provincial Government has one village program for one product, and also one Islamic school, one product. (The Desa Asuh program) is also successful in our program, extraordinary if it is collaborated," Iwa said after the Initial Harvest of Catfish in Perbanas West Java Kahuripan Nagrog Village, Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, Friday (5/10/18).

    "This harvest proves Perbanas has done, villages, groups and communities, not just ceremonies, but also the results," he said.

    Chairman of Perbanas Jabar, Rudy Kurniawan, said the Desa Asuh program was a real proof of the concern of Perbanas West Java to improve the welfare of rural communities. Rudy hopes this program can continue and spread to other villages.

    In addition, Rudy also revealed Perbanas was very open to every idea of implementing the Desa Asuh. He also ensured his party would be ready to help improve the quality of life of the citizens with it.

    "This is the Perbanas backbone we care about, and concrete evidence. Our hope this program can continue and spread to other villages. If the Perbanas counterparts have ideas about what to implement in the village, we will always be ready to help, "Rudy said.

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