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    The First Group of West Java Residents of Palu Earthquake Victims Arrived Safely


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government through the Joint Volunteers sent, managed to evacuate and repatriate 67 West Java residents who survived the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Palu-Donggala, on Thursday (4/10/18) afternoon local time.

    The Joint Volunteers are a combination of several organizational elements such as the Nature Lovers Organization of West Java and Central Sulawesi, WANADRI, VERICAL RESCUE INDONESIA, MEDIC-A, AMP UNPAD, SIGAB PERSIS, BPBD, PMI AND BAZNAS.

    To West Java Public Relations Operational Assistant West Java Volunteer Reggy Kayong Munggaran explained, the repatriation of 67 West Java residents was departed from commercial aircraft from Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Palu airport to Sepinggan SAMS International airport, Balikpapan for transit. After that, they depart for Husein Satranegara Airport, Bandung.

    "At 8:30 p.m., the group arrived safely to Bandung and delivered to their homes, in Bandung, Garut, Tasik, Bekasi, and Sukabumi," he explained to West Java Public Relations on Friday (5/10/18).
    Reggy said the Joint Volunteers in Palu-Donggala had registered approximately 135 West Java residents had survived and were waiting to be sent back to West Java. "However, 135 West Java residents we have temporarily appealed to be patient to wait for repatriation because there are several obstacles and repatriation process that we do," he said.

    He said, the obstacle was the difficulty of accessing air transportation due to the inoperability of Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport, Palu.

    The next movement will be carried out by the Joint Volunteers, according to Reggy, is to immediately take serious treatment, among others, handling health for survivors, evacuating the dead, searching for missing victims. "We also collectively measure data on the needs of victims are in evacuation shelters or scattered victims were cannot access information about disaster management in Palu-Donggala," he explained.

    He also said the constraints experienced by the Team were the lack of fuel oil available here so, automatic access to the distribution of volunteers and logistical assistance for victims of the Palu-Donggalapun disaster would be severely hampered.

    "We hope all elementsare specifically responsible for disasters can support all disaster management movements in Donggala Palu more seriously, so the above obstacles can be quickly resolved and make disaster management in Donggala Palu faster and easier, "He said.

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