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    PKK “Jemput Bola” of PIN Targets


    BANDUNG-In order to succeed the implementation of National Immunisation Week (PIN) in 2016 in West Java, West Java PKK has invited a number of parties to achieve the target..

    Chairman of PKK West Java, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan admitted, it has involved PKK cadres in all level, Dasawisma, and also Posyandu cadres.

    "Parents and toddlers recognise the PKK activities related to the massive activity, therefore we wish they could move more aggressively considering the West Java coverage which targeting 4.3 million," she said.

    According to Netty, to meet that coverage target, it will use system of “Jemput Bola” (pick up the ball) for those who didn’t come to the location of immunisation.

    "PKK has task of mobilisation, so that we will sweep directly, whether the target region of each has been reached or not," said Netty, on the sidelines event of PIN 2016 in West Java, that located in PT. Bio Farma on Tuesday (03/08).

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