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    Emil Released 70 volunteers & West Java Assistance to Palu


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil released the departure of 70 West Java volunteers to the disaster site in Palu and Donggala at Bandung's Husein Sastranegara Airport on Thursday (4/10/18).

    The volunteer team with various qualifications and expertise came from Regional disaster management agency (BPBD) Pusdalops PB (16 people), The West Java Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI)(11 people), the west java National Zakat Agency (Baznas)(2 people), public relations (PR) (1 person) and volunteers (40 people). In addition, the Regional Government of West Java Province also provided financial assistance amounting to Rp 416,400,000 to be submitted to Baznas Palu Disaster Response.

    Upon arrival at the disaster site, these volunteers will immediately join the West Java volunteer command post. They will be deployed for 14 days in various relief operations according to their qualifications. Like the Search And Rescue (SAR) evacuation, public kitchen and distribution, follow-up assessment, medical assistance for mobile clinics and permanent clinics and management assistance at the main post.

    "We sent 70 the best teams from West Java because reports from the field there lacked professional people, logistics was still very much stacked indicating the needs of professional people," said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil, at the release location on Thursday (4/10 / 18).

    In addition, as a form of empathy the people of West Java, Emil has also been raising assistance from netizens. Until fourth day, donations have even been raised for more than one billion rupiah.

    "I think it will exceed the target. Hopefully this is a sign of our love for the citizens of Central Sulawesi, we hope this assistance can reduce the problem there," he said.

    In addition to helping the people of Central Sulawesi who were affected by the disaster, Emil also left a message to volunteers to ensure that the people of West Java who lived there survived. According to the report he received, there were hundreds of people in West Java who lived in Palu and Donggala. A day ago 200 residents from Garut were repatriated.

    "There are still many others that have not been found according to the report to me, so besides helping our local residents also make sure the people of West Java are safe," said Emil.

    70 of these volunteers and assistance were dispatched right at 09.00 WIB using special aircraft. On the same day the plane will return to Bandung with 40 survivors of West Java.

    "Our special rental aircraft will return home from there, bringing 40 West Java residents who are also worried and we will bring it back to Bandung," he said.

    According to the plan, Governor Emil will visit the disaster site after conditions allow while handing in aid donations.

    "I am not in the first squad but we are waiting to hear the situation and conditions first. I will bring donations there when it is complete," he said.

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