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    The Interest of Indonesian Students Study in the Netherlands Increases by 50 Percent


    BANDUNG-The number of students studying in the Netherlands has increased by around 50 percent. They use personal funds not from scholarships.

    Director of Nuffic Neso Indonesia, Peter van Tuijl said currently the parents of Indonesian students already have an advanced mindset by sending their children abroad, as well as their investment in the future of their children.

    "This is one of the manifestations of Indonesian society from various circles. Some of them invest in studying abroad," he told reporters at the cafe of the Indonesian Bistro Bandung, Wednesday (03/10/2018).

    Peter also appreciated the parents of Indonesian students had the initiative to continue their education in the country of windmills. The reason is, although the Dutch Government has provided scholarships for Indonesian students but they choose to finance themselves.

    "I really appreciate there are parents of students from Indonesia for think like that. Although there is assistance in the form of scholarships but it supports the willingness of education in Indonesia," he explained.

    Peter reveals the quality of education in the Netherlands is undoubted. At present 13 of the 14 University researches financed by the state have entered the top 200 world rankings.

    This is evident, more than 112 thousand international students take one of 2,100 international study programs in the Netherlands in the 2017-2018 academic year.

    "As many as 164 countries are currently studying in Dutch higher education institutions," he said.

    He added the study program was mostly followed by Indonesian students was in the fields of business and management, water, agriculture, maritime and water management which was one of the advantages of the Netherlands.

    Meanwhile, in preparing to face the challenges of the MEA, said Petter, Nuffic Neso graduates were provided with professional certification. According to him, the current work requirements standard require certification recognized by the world of work. Besides that, with the existence of digital economy graduates are introduced to one of the new forms of business is start up.

    "Professional certification is important because if Indonesian students have studied in the Netherlands, after graduation they automatically get the profession's certification," he said.

    As for the Nuffic Neso Education Promotion Coordinator, Inty Dienasari said his party would disseminate study and research opportunities in the Netherlands to cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta and Bandung.

    "Especially in Bandung, we will be present at ITB, Parahyangan Catholic University, Maranatha, General Ahmad Yani University and tel-U to provide information related to research and studies in the Netherlands," he concluded. (Pun)

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