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    Rumah Zakat Provides Free Health Services in Palu


    BANDUNG - The number of victims injured due to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Palu, Rumah Zakat provided health services on Tuesday (2/10). At present, many refugees complain about their health, ranging from fever, diarrhea, to high blood pressure.

    One of the medical teams assigned by the Rumah Zakat is Doctor Hayyatunnufus Alkaf, or often called Doctor Aya. The location of medical services is in Tatanga District, Palu City.

    "We serve refugees to have been lightly injured, because many refugees have broken glass, and are pierced by nails. "We have taken medical measures for three days, starting from Saturday," Doctor Aya said through a press release on Wednesday (3/10).

    The citizens admitted the existence of these health. Because many people suffered injuries after the earthquake and tsunami on Friday (31/9).

    "Alhamdulillah, we can get this health service. Hopefully in the future we can get assistance in the form of basic necessities, clean water, and various other needs, "said Abdullah, one of the residents. (Jo)

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