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    Vice-Governor Uu Supports Women's Empowerment


    BANDUNG - Vice-Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, opened the Spectacular Business Training for Beginning Women or Business Actors in the West Java Region.

    This activity was the title of the Indonesian Women's Association for Professional Profession (PPLIPI) DPW West Java Province, at Bale Asri Pusdai Bandung, Wednesday (3/10/18).

    Vice-Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul appreciated PPLIPI who organized the event, especially in the framework of building women's potential in West Java.

    "The goal is to be more advanced, independent and prosperous," said Vice-Governor Uu.

    As for efforts to build the potential of West Java women, are reviewing and exploring the potential of regions and need to be developed. So in this case the West Java Provincial Government encourages.

    For example, like women in Tasikmalaya Regency, they are famous for their various types of crafts, this potential is superior. Likewise in other regions.

    "Women are now raised their dignity, facilitated, given a quota in various things in this country," he said.

    However, said Uu, in equality, women still have the nature of being a wife. She must remain obedient and respectful to their husbands, and love their children.

    Even women, have a great duty to maintain the integrity of the family which is 'sakinah mawadah warohmah'.

    "Already have income, respect for your husband, keep household integrity. That's why women have a strategic role," said Uu.

    Chairperson of PPLIPI Indah Surya Darma Ali, revealed PPLIPI's vision and mission, is the empowerment of women. Where empowerment is a key word reflects the wishes and hopes of many women in Indonesia.

    So, continued Indah, PPLIPI activities besides in the form of counseling and training, also in the form of providing capital assistance for beginner entrepreneurs.

    So, PPLIPI became a forum for women to do something for their fellow Indonesian women were still disadvantaged.

    "In this container, each individual can contribute thoughts, knowledge, access, experience, opportunities and even material," he added.

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